Help Me. Please.

My anniversary is in T – 3 days.  I don’t have a gift for Cody… I don’t even have an idea.  I was going to buy him an apple tree, but unfortunately our shitty home builder STILL hasn’t finished grading or sodding our back yards.  I, therefore, do not have a fenced in yard or anywhere to plant said apple tree.  Square One – nice to see you again.

I’m begging for your help!  And since you’re all amazing, wonderful, fantastic people, I know you’ll be willing to assist one of your IF Sisters.  …right?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s our 4th wedding anniversary.
  • Traditional Gifts:  Fruit, flowers, linen
  • Modern Gifts:  Appliances
  • Cody does not like fruit.  I would make him an apple pie (his favorite), but we’re on a diet
  • Cody does not like chocolate covered fruit either
  • Cody will not fully appreciate a bouquet of flowers
  • I would build Cody a bouquet of some of his favorite candy, but again, we’re on a diet
  • Cody does not wear PJ’s – “linen” as in “clothes” won’t really work
  • Cody will not fully appreciate new sheets
  • We do not need any more appliances

Just go ahead an tell me… I’m screwed.  We like to stick to the traditional gifts, but there’s just really nothing I can think of… except writing him an IOU for that dang tree.

Please help me.  I’ll even give you the credit when I give Cody whatever gift we can come up with!


9 thoughts on “Help Me. Please.

  1. Could you get him a small “man appliance” like a drill? If that doesn’t work, maybe you could make a meaningful stand-in for the tree as an IOU – I’m thinking constructing a miniature tree with branches (diorama style.) the other thought is a house-fruit tree, like a lemon tree? But I dunno if that would work?

    1. I love it!! Thank so much! Those are amazing ideas. I definitely think I could make a fake tree for now….

      Thanks again! HUGE help!!

  2. The above ideas are great! My only other suggestion would be getting tickets to something you know he would enjoy so you could spend time together. Happy anniversary (early)! 🙂

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