This One Takes The Cake

I received unsolicited advice today.  We all receive unwelcome comments and suggestions regularly, so this is not anything new.  However, the advice I was given today is something I’ve never heard of before.

I was talking to the owner of the gym I just joined, and told her of my fertility woes*.  She then told me that her niece was fertility-challenged as well, but eventually went on to have a beautiful baby girl.  Cool.  What’s not “cool” is the method this trainer told me I should research.

Apparently, the niece was miscarrying within 12 weeks of conception.  In order to preserve the pregnancy, apparently her doctors decided that they needed to sew her cervix shut.  Once they did this, she went on to have a healthy pregnancy.

TRAINER:  Seriously!  You should ask your OB GYN about it

ME (trying not to cringe.  Or barf):  Oh.  Um, well I think my doctors are happy with my current treatment plan.  That’s interesting though!


…….. something tells me that’s not the correct information….

UPDATE:  Holy shit.  I just researched this and it’s real.  Well, kind of real.  The cervix is not actually sewn shut.  And, it’s done in the second trimester, usually.  But still.  It’s an actual thing.  What…I don’t even know what to say… this is … I have no words.  Want more info?  Click here.

Seriously.  I need to start a new blog about the shit people say to me.




*I told the trainer about my fertility issues because if when I get pregnant, I’m not going to work out like crazy.  Also, should I go through another miscarriage, I would need a little time off.

22 thoughts on “This One Takes The Cake

    1. That’s what I’m saying. I did not know it was a thing, until today. I wish I still didn’t. I enjoy having blinders on when it comes to fertility treatments.

  1. Wow. I can’t believe that she said that to you. I mean, so it’s a thing. Okay. Did she suddenly become a medical genius and know everything about you? Hugs!!!

    1. That’s what got to me! I mean, I DIDN’T know it was a thing. So I looked it up and wanted to puke. Cause, well it sounds awful. However, it totally doesn’t apply to my situation AT ALL! Ugh.

      Hugs back, babe!

  2. Yep. My husband’s aunt had this done after like 11 miscarriages and had two children. Every time I see my in-laws I have to hear the Aunt Penny story.

    1. Oh Lord. I can’t even imagine. I would opt out of the in-law visits. Do you not want to lose your shit on them?

      Maybe I need anger management after my cervix-sewing.

      1. Oh yeah. It’s to the point where I don’t let me husband leave my side around them because I need him to hold my fists down.

      2. Oh my gosh. I hate when my husband leaves me alone with the out-laws. And I don’t even have to deal with the fertility suggestions/tales of wonderment. You’re a saint.

  3. A woman on a forum I participate in lost twins at 24 weeks due to IC, and now for all subsequent pregnancies has had to have a cerclage placed at 17 weeks to keep her going to term (she has had 2 singletons since) it is an amazing procedure, and it sounds like what this woman was referring to was a rescue cerclage which is usually only done in “ideal” dire circumstances.

    Great procedure- awful, uneducated, blanket advice. So sorry you had to get that today!

    1. Seriously! I had told my first trainer that I was in the middle of a fertility battle with a few losses under my belt. I guess she turned around and told the second trainer before I met her – so when we came face to face for the first time, she actually said to me “Your situation is exactly like my niece!” and proceeded to tell me to get my cervix sewn shut.


      Great for those who need it…. terrifying to those who don’t.

  4. I personally know women that have had losses in the second trimester because of an incompetent cervix. I also follow a girl that just had her beautiful baby after the surgery and her story just makes me happy. But it doesn’t solve IF or first trimester losses. Sometimes I really can’t even believe some people say the things they say.

    Have you ever seen this video?? It’s “My Aunt Jane Knows more than my RE”. It’s pretty funny (and a bit sad because people actually say all of that).

    Also, a side note. I admire you speaking out about your struggles! Way to go girl!! I’m proud of you. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve been more open about my fertility struggles, and honestly, I can’t believe I ever held it in. Though, it does open the door for more suggestions and “cures”, so sometimes I wish I didn’t say anything lol

      I’m totally going to check out the video!!

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