Chicken Butt

Guess what?  My left ovary DOES exist (insert a giant eye roll here).  Lena was back at the clinic today and I told her of the hiding-ovary-woes (after telling her I missed her!).  She did her thing and within a minute she had the left ovary smiling for the camera.  Oh, and there IS action on that side: 3 mature follicles.

Guess what else?  I will be releasing a MINIMUM of 5 or 6 eggs!  I reached my goal!

Guess what else-else?  My IUI’s will be tomorrow and Friday.  I’m so thankful for not having to go to the “back-up” clinic that gives me heart palpitations.


Sending out good vibes to all of you getting blood work, ultrasounds, having IUI’s, having transfers, entering or enduring the 2WW, and especially to those getting the results of their hard work.  Good luck and good thoughts to you all!



7 thoughts on “Chicken Butt

  1. When I had an ultrasound a year ago she had a hard time finding one of my ovaries too. It took awhile and it made me super anxious lol

    1. I hear ya. Honestly, she’s the only one who DOESN’T have trouble finding my left ovary. We’ve got a special bond….. 😉

      It is definitely awkward to sit in stirrups for so long while they dig up to your tonsils looking for an ovary.

      1. lol I got so worried that because they couldn’t find it maybe it wasn’t there or that was why I was so defective lol

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