In Wait

Dearest Lena,

Let me first start by telling you that I think you’re the best sonographer in all of Toronto.  Let’s make that all of Canada!  Even the world…?

Since you’ve been gone, life at the clinic just has not been the same for me.  First, Dr. R tried to find good ‘ole lefty and she went into hiding.  We went ahead with starting the Bravelle and a plan to come back on Thursday.  Once again, Dr. R tried to find lefty.  No luck.  Apparently, “if there was anything worth seeing, we’d see it”.  I was told one more day of Bravelle and to come back Friday (today) and we’d let the temp sonographer give it a go.

I woke up with a heavy heart, Lena.  I really wanted to have you tell me that lefty didn’t just disappear.  I wanted to hear how many beautiful follicles are growing on that side.  Once again, I was disappointed.  Your replacement eventually found my left ovary, but the placement of lefty was too high to get a clear picture of.  I still have no idea what type of progression is happening over there.

I do have good news, though.  My right ovary is a champ!  It’s been mentioned that there are a minimum of TEN follicles on the right side.  TEN!!!!!

This is the month, Lena.  I just know it. 

I am going back to the clinic on Monday – but you won’t be returning until Tuesday.  History likes to repeat itself, though, and I’m sure that on Monday neither Dr. R nor the temp will be able to reach lefty.  I’ll likely have to come back on Tuesday – where you’ll be able to find that little trickster.  Hopefully I’ll be triggered with my IUI landing on my days off (Wednesday and Thursday).

You’re the only one for me.





This is a joke (and a little creepy).  I’m not really in love with my clinic’s sonographer.  I won’t actually be sending her this letter. If I did, you never know – it could backfire and I’ll never know what my left ovary looks like again.

What about that number though??  10 on the right??  I can only hope lefty is doing as well and I’ll be on track for my goal of releasing 5 or 6 good eggs!

2 thoughts on “In Wait

  1. YAY for the number ten! HOT DOG!!! I’m so excited for you!! I think over the next few days you better start giving your left ovary a slight pep talk though…xo

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