Ugh. That’s All I Got.

My period AND a cold?!  That’s fun.  Guess what it does to you?  Attacks your lowered immune system like a mother f-er, leaving you vulnerable.  What happens to me when my immune system is that low?  Oh, no big deal…. just a nasty, painful, ugly cold sore.

How many pity parties am I allowed to throw myself in one month?

Good news – the meds aren’t making me crazy yet.  Then again, it’s been only 1 day of Bravelle.  We all know how well I do with Bravelle.  However, I’m still feeling very optimistic and hopeful for the cycle.  I have a follow up appointment on Thursday to see how many follicles I have.  I’m hoping for 14, with a release of 7.  You probably think I’m nuts, but that’s the hope for this cycle. 

One last, random thing.  Has anyone noticed how weirdly people tag their posts?  I don’t understand why I can look for posts tagged “BFN” and there’s a positive pregnancy test picture/post.  I don’t understand why I can search for posts related to “miscarriage” and there’s someone announcing the birth of their new baby.  Do bloggers not realize these could be triggers to the people looking to read and/or get support from someone writing about an actual BFN or miscarriage? 

Hmm… since this post is about being sick, whiny, and on fertility medications, I think I’m going to tag “cat lady”, “gardening”, and “chocolate”.  Makes sense, right?

I’m not always a bitch, but when I am – it’s cause I’m sick and on a fertility roller coaster.


14 thoughts on “Ugh. That’s All I Got.

    1. I’m definitely looking forward to no longer having a headache, swollen glands, and this “fever blister”. Among other things, it makes me feel ugly and embarrassed, making me not want to leave the house. Oh well. C’est la vie!

      Hope you’re feeling well and that the little miss is kicking up a storm 😉

  1. You crack me up! I’m hoping you get to feeling better soon and that you get all the follies that you are hoping for sugars! xo

    “Lord, save us! Lord, grant us success!” ~Psalm 118:25

    1. I’m glad someone sees the humor in all of this…. lol I’m actually looking forward to my appointment tomorrow – with the exception of feeling hideous, thanks to my “fever blister”. Hope I don’t scare anyone off.

      I love that quote!


    1. It really is… WordPress just started doing this thing where you need to hit a “+” to add tags, and I didn’t know… so a bunch of my posts don’t even have any tags lol

      1. Yeah, I was doing that and didn’t notice the very faint, barely there, “+” sign to actually add them.

        Ugh, story of my life. Faint freaking plus signs all over the place 😉 Thanks, WordPress.

  2. I came across this post because I was looking for fellow cat ladies who loved gardening and chocolate. I’m very upset that this post contained none of those things. I’m just kidding lol I don’t have a cat

    1. LOL You could be a cat lady at heart… 😉 I know I am – I’d have at least 3 more if my husband would let me. Come to think of it though – when did he start making all of the decisions around here?!

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