Merci, Mes Amis

People, thank you so much for sticking by me.  I know my posts have been downers lately, and for that, I apologize.  I’m really sorry – but my emotions are extreme, this journey sucks, and my blog is 100% honest.

I received a comment on My Brain Hurts and smiled then cried.  I literally just burst into tears.  All I could think was “She understands!  She doesn’t think I’m horrible for not wanting/doing IVF!”.  Thank you, to my new fellow fertility-challenged friend.

Ladies, I mentioned it a few days ago.  I really feel like there is a lot of judgement passed when it comes to reading each others journeys.  And while I like to say I don’t care, the reality is that I don’t want anyone to ever think I’m not doing all I can to get my babies.  I really, really am doing everything within my power to achieve this.  The thing is, I have limits and they’re getting close.  I am only human and I can only do so much.

Anyway, I want to lighten the mood a little here.  Here are a couple of my thoughts at the moment:

  • I need to look at finding another clinic.
  • I need to research acupuncture.  Ugh… I am sure that’s gonna hurt.  Maybe they can help me lose weight too?  Or maybe that’s hypnotherapy, not acupuncture.  Why do I always think of Reiki when I think of acupuncture?
  • Toby is adorable.  I don’t think I could survive without him most days.  He is currently laying in a patch of sun, on his back.  Also, his tail is strangely long.  It’s literally the same length as his body.
  • I need to get that bunny from the pet store.  How can I get Cody on board?  We currently own a rabbit and she’s old.  But I think she could benefit from a little bunny friend.  As long as we get him neutered before they become too close.
  • Bath.  I need a bath.
  • And sleep.  I need sleep.


Thanks again, people.  What would I do without you all?



(I wish it was acceptable for a Canadian to say “y’all”.  It sounds so much better than “you all”.)

13 thoughts on “Merci, Mes Amis

  1. My experience with acupuncture (which is pretty extensive) is that it hardly ever hurts, and usually doesn’t even feel like anything other than a tap on your skin. And, its incredibly helpful for calming your nerves, supporting bloodflow to the uterus and other reproductive organs, and helping with the regularity and pain of menstrual cycles. I am 100% a HUGE proponant!

    1. I just tried meditation, so acupuncture is next! Thanks for the advice. Most people who’ve had an acupuncture treatment totally love it and see the value in it. I’m definitely going to be giving it a shot.

  2. I’ll add my two cents to AndiePants – if you have a good practitioner ( see an actual acupuncturist rather than a naturopath etc that does acupuncture – I’ve been to both and noticed a difference in their finesse) the treatments honestly don’t hurt at all. I HATE needles and have grown to love acupuncture and the way it makes me feel.

    1. I looked into Reiki before, but nothing came of it. I did, however, attend a meditation group this weekend. Though it felt a little like AA, it was fairly enjoyable! I hope I can eventually relax through meditation…. 😉

  3. If you figure out how to get him on board please share with me your wisdom! I’ve been begging J for a cat for almost two years now. I would really like to know at what point in my life I started letting someone else call the shots and stopped doing what I want when I want sort of deal lol

    1. haha – I felt the same way and told my husband! I got angry and complained that I don’t know why he gets to make the final decision on things. In the end, he agreed to me getting the bunny, but I backed out. Figures!

  4. Acupuncture is so NOT sore, you don’t even feel the needles. I enjoy it. I begged my husband for a puppy for months and eventually informed him that I was getting one because I needed one and there was no good reason not to get one. He now absolutely adores our dog… I’ve been very mature and haven’t even said ‘I told you so’… Although I’ve wanted to😉

    1. LOL I actually turned around and decided that we shouldn’t get a bunny. I had my husband fully convinced, and I chickened out… go figure!

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