Oh, Canada!

We are big and beautiful.  Our currency is as bright and fun as the people carrying it.  We’ve left our mark all over the world and then decided to do it again – in Mars!  We love hockey and lacrosse.  We eat weird and wonderful foods – coming to Canada and not trying poutine would be like going to Chicago and not getting a deep dish pizza.  We’ve invented some amazing things (insulin {which I am especially grateful}, the snowmobile, prosthetic hands, and cardiac pacemaker), some tasty things (ketchup chips, crispy crunch, and coffee crisp), and even some weird/funny things (Wonderbra, five-pin bowling, Superman, and the goalie mask)

In 1984, I was born into this wonderful country.  Since the moment of my first breath I’ve been fiercely patriotic with a deep, undying love for my country.  There isn’t another place I could ever call home, and I’m so proud to say that.

Happy birthday, Canada!

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