Phew. For Now.

Well, folks – no news is good news when it comes to my progesterone testing!  I was tempted to call just to find out for sure, but I was reprimanded last time.  Since I had no missed calls or voicemails after work, I’m going to assume all is well in the land of my baby-cushioning and will continue with my current dosage of progesterone.  I’m headed back into the clinic either Monday or Tuesday for my baseline blood work!

It’s offically weekend time for me.  Not much planned over here, except some gardening (I have to separate my tomato plants… they’re in pots right now but they’re getting too crowded.  I hope they don’t die!).  OH!  And I’m (FINALLY) mailing out something for a special blogger friend of mine.  You may have heard of her – Elisha at  She’s kind of a big deal 😉

Have a good weekend, people!  Mine will be short, but sweet.




6 thoughts on “Phew. For Now.

  1. Oh.My.Word. You crack me up!!! LOL!!!! I just moved to a new house this week and my internet has been down…so no blogging has been happening lately. My internet just NOW got fixed and this was the first post I read….needless to say, you made me laugh, blush, and roll my eyes all at the same time. bahahaha

    I’m glad you have no voice mails or missed calls from the clinic and I’m SUPA excited about the mail I will receive from you shortly.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh boy…. I still didn’t mail it hahahaha. I’m terrible! I’m going now – it’s addressed and everything!! Ugh, I’m a procrastinator and it’s so bad. Don’t be mad 😦


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