Mommy, How Are Babies Made?

Apparently, I do not know.  And I mean, when your kid goes to sex ed they are told that a boy and a girl fall in love; the boy puts his penis in the girl’s vagina; he ejaculates in her, where sperm travel past her cervix, meet an egg somewhere and nine glorious months later, Junior is born.  But is that even how babies are made anymore?  Mine won’t be.  Do I tell him that?

Sorry for the graphics, people.

Anyway, Bravelle:  you suck.  Or maybe it’s my ovaries that suck.


So those follicles?  They’re NOT GROWING.  Somehow I’m the only person on the planet to not have ovaries that respond to Bravelle!  I have no “action” on my right ovary, and my left has three follicles measuring 1.4, 1.3, 1.1.  Ok… so like slightly bigger than 2 days ago…. but not enough.  I was hoping for a trigger shot today, but that didn’t happen.  I have to take Bravelle again tonight and head back to the city in the morning.  Looks like my IUI’s are going to maayyybe be on Saturday and Sunday, if I’m “lucky”.   Could be Sunday and Monday, for all I know.  And if it’s Sunday/Monday, I have to go to a different clinic, one I’ve never been to before.  Be violated by someone I don’t know.  Probably two someones.  And you all just read my post about being superstitious, right?  When things are not consistent, I have trouble believing they will work out….

I asked Dr. R (my preferred doctor) about my progesterone.  Lately, he’s referred back to my November cycle and given me comments like “overstimulated” and “estrogen too high” which bugs me cause it’s the cycle where I needed less Bravelle and I ended up pregnant.  Anyway, when asking about progesterone and why it always seems low, he told me that my progesterone was good in my November cycle but that the readings they’re getting when they take my blood are not exactly accurate as to what is really present in my system.  So… I don’t really know what the heck we’re doing anymore.  Should I up the suppositories?  Should I not worry?  One time I was told “over 50” is good, and he tells me today that they like to see over 127……..  my last level in April of 42 is a long way from that….?

I really don’t get any of it.  The fact that anyone can even get pregnant WITHOUT an RE seems amazing these days.  I miss the days of believing that you only had to have unprotected sex in order to get knocked up.

Congratulations, fertile ladies.  You now have ALL of my envy.




4 thoughts on “Mommy, How Are Babies Made?

    1. Honestly. I had a “pregnancy scare” when I was 18. Turned out I just have really irregular periods due to PCOS and I didn’t know it at the time. I kinda feel dumb now LOL

  1. Last time I was at my clinic they had a book on the counter that was for kids explaining how IVF works… like a children’s book on “how I was conceived via IVF”. If I find out the name of it, I’ll share it with you.

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