Is It An Insult If It’s Accurate?

I’ve read a lot of posts about the things people have said to us infertile folks and how much it bothers us.  “What NOT to Say to An Infertile” has been a common theme around WordPress so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too, with a slight variation.

What NOT to Say to Your Fertility-Challenged WIFE


Beanie:  Ugh, I’m so bloated.

Cody:     Yeah, I noticed.

Beanie:  Really?  Wanna try that again?

Cody:     No, I mean when I gave you your shot, I noticed your pants left a red mark on your tummy.

Beanie:  THANK.  YOU.  

Cody:     It’s just that they’re yoga pants and supposed to be loose.  I’m just saying, I noticed.

Beanie:  You might want to stop while you’re ahead.

Cody:     Am I really ahead?

Beanie:  No, but you might not want to dig that hole any deeper.


Oh, but it’s not over, people.  Before bed I receive this comment:

Cody:     I like you’re tummy.  The left side looks a little puffy, though.  Like bigger than the other side.

Beanie:  Seriously??


And he KEEPS going!  After finding out I had 5 follicles on my left ovary, he gives ME a dirty look and says:

Cody:     SEE!  I told you the left side was bigger yesterday.


Honestly.  What would I write about if I wasn’t married to this guy??



13 thoughts on “Is It An Insult If It’s Accurate?

    1. He’s lucky I didn’t cover the hole he was in with a piece of wood and sit on it for a few days.

      He made up for it by buying me Gatorade. And by telling me I looked “great” last night haha

    1. LOL I didn’t boot him out. A few days ago the Bravelle would have made my head do a 180 and I’d turn green or something and start screaming at him over those remarks, causing him to regret the day he was born. But he went out and got me Gatorade, so I played (mostly) nice 😉

    1. Oh boy. Maybe it’s a good thing they aren’t friends? They’d combine their “compliments”/”observations” and mine would be sleeping on the couch haha


      1. lol He’s smart enough to stay away from weight related comments lol but some of the things that come out of his mouth cause my jaw to hit the floor.

    1. I think so too. They don’t seem to understand that their observations, while accurate, are still insensitive lol

      My husband once said I look like a basset hound when I’m sad. And when I told him that wasn’t a good thing, he reminded me that it kind of is since they’re his favorite type of dog.

      this was me: 😐

    1. LOL I did. And when I complained about being bloated last night, his reply was “Oh really? I think you look great. You sure don’t look bloated!”

      Lies. But I appreciate them anyway 😉

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