Beanie’s Itinerary for May 13, 2014

4:45AM – “wake up” and drive to the clinic (after being repeatedly woken up all night by Toby and Cody.  One whining, the other snoring).

6:15AM – arrive at the clinic.  Scarf down a Sausage McMuffin and large Coke Zero (I’m still allowed some caffeine.  Don’t be a Judgmental Jenny)

6:25AM – get violated by a transvaginal ultrasound machine

6:35AM – needle time, which went like this:

  • Ella:         I’m helping Manuela today.  She has a cut.
  • Beanie:  Oh, Ok.
  • Ella:          Do you have good veins?
  • Beanie:  (with a look of sheer horror) Um.  I think so?  I hope so.
  • Ella:         I see it.  Let me try.  (grabs needle and other torture devices and with VERY shaky hands, stabs me)
  • Beanie:  (looking away, I cringe and try not to scream “I FEEL IT IN MY ELBOW!”  Note:  I did not really feel it in my elbow.  I’m slightly dramatic)
  • Ella:          Of course I didn’t get it.  (moves the needle around trying to get it?  I don’t know)
  • Beanie:  Oh?  So…?
  • Ella:          Let me go and get Manuela.  Did it hurt? (with a look of embarrassment and slightly scared)
  • Beanie:  Oh, no it wasn’t that bad.  (I cannot purposely make people feel bad)
  • Ella:         …Really?  Well, don’t look.  (while putting a band-aid on the wound and applying pressure)

6:40AM – second attempt at blood work.  Success!

6:45AM – meeting with Dr. R.  Turns out there are 7 follicles now, still kinda small.  5 of them are on the left side.  Two more days of Bravelle and return on Thursday.  Looking like IUI over the weekend.  Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend to me.  Also, apparently I’m responding “normally” to this evil drug (I was told this after I made a biting remark about not progressing very well over the last 4 days).

8:30AM – finally home.  Nap time!

9:40AM – Toby, once again, would like his “mama” to give him all the attention in the world.  No more sleep.

11:00AM – Work 😦  (Plus side:  I talked to my boss about having IUI’s done.  She was so understanding and told me to tell her when I am having them because she wants to make sure she’s accommodating my schedule.  I don’t know why my co-workers bitch about her so much.  She’s always nice to me!  Don’t I sound like a pet?)

The rest of the night is to be determined.  I imagine it involving food of some sort and bed early!  And I know you’re dying to know…. my veins are alright.



15 thoughts on “Beanie’s Itinerary for May 13, 2014

    1. Hahaha I am kind of my boss’ favorite. Not gonna lie. I’m also my parent’s favorite child (though I don’t think I’m allowed to admit it out loud haha)

      Oh, I hope this Paleo diet works 😦 It sounds so strict! But if it’s going to help, I’d say go for it! I know you can do it… you just need to get through the first 2 weeks!


      (PS – sausage is allowed on Paleo, isn’t it? 😉 )

      1. First two weeks?! I am thinking the first two months! This will be rough. I like pizza, cheeseburgers, fries, rolls, donuts, and all sorts of carb filled yummies

      2. Oh man…. I love all that stuff too. I guess just remember it’s all for good reasons!

        I once had a doctor put me on a carb reduced diet. I was allowed 500 calories worth of carbs a day. Maybe that’s a compromise for ya?

        I’ll try paleo just to support you if you want 🙂 my blogs might have a little more crankiness though hahaha

      3. bahahaha. I feel like I am doing a slight version of a low carb diet and paleo. I might market it as my own. lol! Whenever I did a low carb diet in June I had my first ever 29 day cycle. Then I did the daniel fast with my church in January and had another shorter cycle. There seems to be something to this low carb/pcos thing but I have ZERO will power. However, lately I feel the Lord pushing me to take better care of myself…I feel like He has told me that I keep praying for healing but I’m not the one willing to make the needed changes. OUCH! I will probably try to do a blog post on this to keep myself accountable. bleck. haha

      4. LOL it’s so hard to change eating habits/exercise habits even though we know we’re supposed to take care of the body we’ve been given. I know you can do it. And if you come up with a schedule for your diet, market it for sure! Would probably be easier than a lot of the PCOS diets I’ve read… or the fertility diets… or the Chinese medicine diets (seriously?? boil artichokes and drink the juice??? no thanks.)

    1. … it was pretty spectacular. I’m sorry guys! No more mention of the McDonald’s “food”. Um…. I had mushroom caps with supper? Is that better?

      Seriously though, I wish I had the determination to avoid fast food. If it makes any difference, I’m gonna be chugging back Gatorade for the next couple weeks cause of medication bloat 😦

  1. GREATLY jealous of your McDonald’s!! I went gluten free back in January and I get sick when I SMELL McDonald’s!! LOL!! Oh, how I miss it!!! Gluten free pasta and bread is both the best and worst thing I ever discovered!! LOL! Paleo is super awesome though. I lost like 16 lbs with that!! I should try it again now that I’m GF! Would probably be MUCH easier!! LOL!

    P.S. You ARE a pet but you should totally eat it up!! 😉

    1. I wish the smell of McDonalds would make me sick so that I couldn’t eat it 😦 Props to you, though – I couldn’t go gluten free. My husband would likely divorce me – he’s got a real weird thing about GF products. It’s so strange. And for you Paleo gals… I have a lot of respect for you! I’m too weak for that haha

      I lost 25lbs just counting calories and reducing carbs. I’m gonna try it again, I think…. I just really, really love carbs. (SO BAD for PCOS ughhhh)

      1. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a CHOICE about going Gluten Free!! LOL! My husband was SUPER weird about GF stuff at first but I just snuck stuff to him and then asked him how he liked it after he’d already eaten it! Haha!! Now, he almost likes it better!! Going GF has actually made me GAIN weight! UGH! I guess now that my body is absorbing the nutrients it’s supposed to or some junk like that! Paleo is TOUGH though! I like my starches, like potatoes and corn, wayyyyy to much to cut them out completely!!!

        And that’s AWESOME about losing that from just counting calories!! Counting calories doesn’t always work for me cuz I always find myself thinking “well, I did this exercise today and it burned X amount of calories, so I’ll just add that to what I can eat!!” Haha!! Whoops!! And yeah, it’s amazing how different I felt when I ate carbs and sugar with PCOS while taking metformin!!

        But YOU CAN DO IT!!! 😉

      2. Thanks! I’m trying… and failing haha. Just need to pull my socks up and realize that I won’t die from a little exercise. I mean, I guess I could if my heart rate were to go up too much… but you know.

        I am actually doing the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga. Woah… that’s a work out and a half!

        I’m the same about counting calories… When I was on that diet, not gonna lie, but I only counted the carbs and it was pretty much a free-for-all with everything else haha

      3. Good luck with the yoga!!! I can’t do it!! I feel like a newborn giraffe!! It’s bad news, FOR REAL!

        And if you lost 25 lbs only counting carbs with everything else free-for-all, that sounds like a GREAT diet! Lol!!

  2. I live in fear of the inexperienced phlebotomist! Ugh.. I know I’m doing IVF so I should get over needles, but it’s not going to happen. I hate blood work. At least she only tried unsuccessfully once before getting the other nurse to help.

    1. Yeah, I’ve definitely experienced worse. Like my HSG, for example. I used to be afraid of needles and still am, to a degree… Looking away helps me and my husband giving me my Bravelle shots helps. Doesn’t cure, but helps haha

      Good look with your cycle! I was happy to read your good news this morning 🙂

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