I’m a fairly superstitious person.  Not like avoid-black-cats-and-ladders type, but a few things get to me.  One is a complete over share:  I always get my period after I’ve visited my mother-in-law.  So, I try and avoid her (more) around the 2WW.

I was wearing a pendant from my in-laws during an entire cycle once.  The pendant is a Greek Evil Eye and was supposed to protect me from harm, yada yada.  I wore it on my CD3 and received good news, so I continued to wear it until my pregnancy test.  It didn’t help.

I’m superstitious outside of trying to grow a baby, too.  I am a huge lacrosse fan and if I’m at a game and my team wins, I will wear the exact same things to the next game.  Seriously – the same, bra, undies, pants, tops.  I even do my hair the exact same and paint my nails the same color.  It’s obsessive, almost.  I might wear the same clothing – but they’re washed.  I have limits.

Anyway, I started to think:  how superstitious am I?  What would I be willing to try and what do I think is completely off the wall?  So I made a list.

1.  Growing parsley will cause you to “fall pregnant”.

Well… uh, I tried growing parsley this spring and it died*.  In fact, all of the herbs I ever try to grow die.  There is a variation to the superstition – apparently if someone gives you a parsley plant, it will have the pregnancy effect.  Not sure if it would work to ask someone to give me the plant…  But I’d try it!

2.  Drink from the glass of a pregnant woman and you’ll get pregnant.

No.  Who would do this?  Even if you’re willing to go there, what do you think the pregnant woman would say?  How awkward would that conversation go?  And if she’d been TTC for a while and knows what you’re going through, I’m sure she’d help you find another old wives tales to try out.

3.  Eat pineapples/drink pineapple juice every day from when you ovulate until you test (this will help implantation).

Ehhh.  I’m lukewarm on this.  I really like pineapples, but I’m just not sure I believe it this.  I might give it a go, but I don’t know that I’d do it for a solid two weeks.  Pineapple juice is really good with Malibu rum, FYI.

4.  Yellow booties under your pillow.

When?  During conception-attempt sex?  Or all the time?  Either way, I might give it a shot.  I love looking at baby stuff and booties just might be my favorite.

5.  Pillow under the hips after sex/legs in the air for _____ amount of time after sex.

I’ve done this almost every time.  I give up on that now.  I even had my own step-momma tell me to do this, which was awkward at best.

6.  Brass wind chimes at your front door will help increase your chi.

I find wind chimes to be kind of annoying.  And kind of tacky.  I probably wouldn’t do this… unless someone bought a wind chime for Cody and I.

7.  Indoor bamboo plants will also increase your chi.  Apparently you need good chi in order to get pregnant.

I have 5 indoor bamboo plants.  No dice.

8.  Find out what the moon was when you were born.  If it’s the same on a day you’re ovulating, you’ll get pregnant.

Interesting.  Creative.  I’ll try it!  Note:  I just went to this website and ended up with a picture like this.  I don’t know what it means, so I don’t know if I’ll ever know what the moon was when I was born….

what the heck...?
what the heck…?

Update:  I found the “right chart”.  It is still German to me… I don’t know what any of this means.

Oh, this is clarification...?
Oh, this is clarification…?

9.  Chugging cough syrup will help you conceive.

No.  Just… no.  Even if there was proof any ingredient in cough syrup boosts fertility/thins cervical mucous, etc., I couldn’t do this.  I gag on cough syrup.

10.  Adopt and you’ll get pregnant.

I’ve heard this AT MY RE’s OFFICE.  FROM THE RECEPTIONIST!  It goes right along with those who think you just need to relax and you’ll get knocked up.

11.  Don’t sweep under the bed.

Check.  My floor is carpeted anyway.

12.  Swallowing a watermelon seed will get you pregnant.


13.  (My personal favorite):  Make an appointment with a doctor to see why you’re not pregnant.  Once there, you’ll find out you are pregnant.



All in all, they’re funny and harmless.  Except maybe that cough syrup one.

Do you have rituals/superstitions/old wives tales that you listen to/follow when trying to make a mini-you?



*I think I might have been mistaken.  I think I was trying to grow basil and it died.  Herbs do not like me.

24 thoughts on “Superstitious

  1. No real superstitions, but I have blogged about how I feel like bad karma could be holding me back. I stress out about being a “good enough person” to be granted a pregnancy. Clearly, the Kardashians do not have the same concerns.

    1. I hear ya on that front. I often feel the same. I’ve said and done some things in life that I fear I might be “punished” for. Some days I feel that way 100%, other days I think it’s a crazy thought.

      I think you’re a good enough person. There are bad people who have babies every day (I’m trying not to say “people who abuse the ability to have children” or “people who shouldn’t be parents” in fear of being reprimanded for it). Don’t ever feel you’re undeserving 🙂 Try not sweeping under your bed… Hey – lessening the chore list can only help, right?

      As for the Kardashians… ugh. Not our best role models lol

    1. I think I’m going to try growing it as well… As I researched this, A LOT of people said they believed in it. Hope it works for you 😀

  2. OMG I laughed and laughed at the MIL line. Poor you! I am currently carrying around a clear quartz crystal that I infused with the intention of getting pregnant. I also have a medallion that has what I think is a fertility goddess on one side and the word Courage etched into the other side. I bring that with me each time we have a fertility treatment. I also have another medallion that I put in my husband’s wallet that has a saying about being positive on it. I’m also avoiding hot baths because of potential implantation. That one makes me grumpy! Loved your list though. 🙂

    1. Those sound pretty! I hope your medallions and crystal work soon.

      I’ve seen a couple of fertility bracelets that I might buy. Not because I feel like they’re going to help me physically, but the reminder to keep calm and happy is something that I feel makes a huge difference emotionally.

      No! Not the baths! I think you can still take a “warm” bath, no? Ugh, the torture continues. Damn you, infertility.

      1. Yeah I’m the same about the temp of my bath. But I’ll take a tepid one if I’m desperate enough LOL

        I’ll check out her blog, for sure!

  3. There is actually some science behind the cough syrup (although it must be the kind with only guaifenesin, not any which has pseudoephedrine) as guaifenesin does thin all mucous in the body, including cervical mucous. The pineapple one is about bromelin, which also has some scientific fact, although just taking a bromelin tablet would get you more of the stuff directly.

    1. Yeah I know that the medication in certain cough syrups thins all mucous in the body, but the recommendation to “chug” it doesn’t seem quite right…

      As for the pineapple, I did it for a cycle and it didn’t work. I’m also not likely to add any more supplements, but if it works for some people – more power to ’em!

      1. The problem with any ‘advice’ on TTC (based in science or not) is that there are SO many variables going on that even if something could ‘work’ it has to work in concert with a hundred other things we can’t control.

        And yeah, chugging anything usually doesn’t bode well . . .

      2. Very true! I figure I’m paying my doctors a lot of money for them to tell me what will work or won’t work… and even then, most of the time it feels left us to chance anyway!

        But planting a little parsley won’t hurt anything… 😉

  4. I had never heard of over half of these! LOL! I am not a superstitious person I suppose because I thought about your list all afternoon and tried to think of any that I do and I couldn’t think of any. I do hike my legs up on occasions after business (wink, wink) but that’s about it. I really enjoyed reading your list though 🙂 It made me smile and brightened my day 🙂 I needed it!

    1. LOL I didn’t hear about them until I decided to look up some weird rituals/superstitions about TTC. I was not expecting some of them!

      I’m so glad that my list put a smile on your face!

  5. I did the Pineapple after Ovulation last cycle and got a BFP. Unfortunatley its not that magic that it stayed tho lol! My friend who tried for a year swears it helped her get hers too.
    Not heard of the rest but you’ve def given me food for thought!

    1. LOL well if it helps, then what can I say? I tried it for a cycle and got nothing. Different strokes for different folks? I dunno hahaha

      I sometimes think that these rituals have a placebo effect. But hey – whatever works!

      I’m off to buy some booties.

  6. Drinking coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc (warm cozy things) during the TWW to make your uterus cozy for the implantation. We also did the pillow under the butt thing. And I have a fertility statue next to my bed that my Hubby bought me for our first anniversary…it took another 4+ years before I actually got knocked up so I don’t think she worked…she’s pretty though.

    1. Whatever works, I guess! I always wanted a fertility statue… just never knew what one and where to get it. I need to go to Ripleys and hug theirs haha

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