Progesterone Problems

Before the crack of dawn yesterday, I was sitting in a small room having my blood drawn.  No meetings with the ultrasound tech or wand; no meeting with the doctor.  I drove an hour and half EACH WAY for one simple vial of blood.  The only thing being tested yesterday morning was my progesterone level.

I came home and went for a nap.  My brother calling me twice back to back woke me up.  After the really frustrating conversation with him, I went downstairs and had a voicemail on our house phone. It was the clinic:  Up those bad boy suppositories to 4, dear Beanie.  I called the clinic back and Ella told me that my level was 31 or 32 and they wanted it higher.  I asked her what the level should be and she said over 50.  Awesome.  I then made a comment about how I was sure that would mean that even if I had gotten pregnant this cycle (jury is still out for another week), it probably wouldn’t be viable.  After all, my progesterone problems were a possible cause of my miscarriage in December.  Ella said that no, we could still fix it, but it was a little low.  Not baaaaad, just lower than they’d like.  My memory tells me that this is the exact way my pregnancy started out.  I had low progesterone and needed to up the suppositories to 4.  I went back for a check and then needed the PIO shots added in as well since my levels were still too low.  After an eternity of getting needles in the ass, my levels went up enough that I could reduce the frequency of the shots and number of suppositories.  I miscarried a few days later.

I’m so tired of this stuff.  I’m trying everything to help my progesterone naturally and still it hasn’t made a difference.  I am then taking more suppositories in one cycle than I ever thought I’d have in my entire life, and it isn’t helping.  If my progesterone is so f-ing low, shouldn’t we be looking at WHY?  Maybe the suppositories are not the way for me and maybe just doing the PIO shots would be better (if more painful)?  I just don’t get it.  Every single cycle I have low progesterone.  Every single cycle adjustments are made.  Every single cycle I’m left frustrated and bewildered at this ongoing problem.  How are we not fixing the issue before it becomes a problem… again??

This is the first cycle back to TTC (again).  I don’t know if I’m frustrated or just intolerant of bullshit, but I feel like the doctor managing my file this time around doesn’t give a shit and really could care less about whether I actually conceive or not.  She waltzes in late every morning, talks about her personal life more than the case in front of her, has no opinion about anything medically related to my cycle, doesn’t volunteer information, and doesn’t ask if we have questions.  When I walked in on CD3, she wanted me to jump back into injectables and an IUI.  When I said I’d prefer to ease back into things with Femara and timed intercourse, she said fine and then didn’t give two shits after that.  Then the day of my trigger, she actually asked me if we were doing an IUI or timed intercourse….  Uh, I see my chart sitting in front of you… maybe you could take a look at that bad boy?

Over it.



3 thoughts on “Progesterone Problems

  1. I’m sorry Beanie. You are right to be frustrated. They should be addressing the progesterone issue. I think you need a new doctor. This one doesn’t seem to match you.

    1. The sad thing is that I’m fairly certain I’m going to one of the best fertility clinics in all of Canada, so I don’t want to rush off and change clinics. I’m going to be meeting with the doctors soon-ish and will make it known that they will not be seeing another dime from me until I have confidence that my progesterone issues are being taken care of!

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