My Date

I didn’t really dedicate enough of my last post to Cody and my anniversary (is that the correct grammar?  Again – super tired.  4:45AM).

We did have a fabulous night.  Kept with tradition and went to the same restaurant we went to on our first date.  We had the same dishes and even the same dessert.

All of that is great, but what I really want to do is share a conversation between the two of us that night:

Beanie: Are we dining and dashing? (It was taking a while for the machine to approve the transaction)
Cody   : HAHAHAHA. We’re not “dashers”. We’re “trot”, at best.

…….. 5 minutes later, he continues.

Cody   : For us to dine and ditch, we’d need some things. Roach fogger, masks, marbles, quart of motor oil. The marbles and the motor oil are for the people behind us. We gotta worry about the hostess.

…….. Literally 45 minutes after dinner, he says:
Cody    : OhmyGod… can you imagine a floor full of motor oil and marbles? {PAUSE}. This is what I do. I’m the idea guy.


The man I married, ladies and gents.  He makes me laugh 87 times a day.




PS – I am thinking I’m going to have a regular post called “Cody’s Quotes” or something.  Am I the only one who finds him hilarious??

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