A Little Bit of Everything (and why won’t my “f” key work without me having to mash it??)


So Cody and I celebrated 7 years of knowing each other/dating on April 1st.  It was a good day – but I ended up with my period.  Good and bad, in a way.  Good because it meant we could move forward with trying to make a(nother) baby.  Not good cause, well, it was our anniversary.  And I had my period.

We headed off to the clinic on CD3.  Instead of jumping into another IUI attempt, we opted to give’r a go the old fashioned way: Femara, Ovidrel, timed intercourse.  I’m on CD10 now, have 3 follicles (one dominant) and will be triggering either Monday or Tuesday.

Toby went back for his second (and last!) set of shots.  He took ’em like a champ!  He’s growing so fast (he gained 2 pounds in 3 weeks!).  His personality is growing too – he’s a little snuggle bug.  Unfortunately for us, he decides he needs to snuggle at 2AM.  Preparation for a baby, as was hinted to me by my fav nurse, Ella, today.

I found myself back in the Urgent Care Center today.  My light-headedness has returned (not the same thing as the super intense vertigo I had initially experienced).  My sinuses are angry.  My ear hurts and has a ringing in it.  And still, there’s no real answer from these people.  I just want to be issued some antibiotics so I can see if that will help anything.  But the clinic has some weird policy about not giving antibiotics or something.  So instead, I’m told to do the Epley manoeuvre (which worked – until a few days ago), try the Serc meds again, test my blood sugar, and have blood work completed.  No… nothing I haven’t already done.  In another opinion, my boss (who is a Pharmacist and studying Chinese medicine/acupuncture) seems to think I’m blood deficient.  Having a full blood work panel would show if this is accurate or not.  I also finally got a prescription for the “Golden Star” of prenatal vitamins and will be starting them soon.  If I am deficient in anything, I assume these vitamins would help me feel better?

I guess that’s it for now.  I’m super tired from being kept awake from my “cat-baby” and then having to get up at 4:45AM to go to the clinic.  Hope all of this makes some sort of sense!


with a dizzy smile,




I LIED!  Have you all heard that the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls are in talks of doing a tour together?!  Please please please please please make this happen, Concert-Powers-That-Be!

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