For My Husband

Cody is hilarious.  I’ve compiled a few of my favorite quotes for your reading enjoyment!

Here we go:

♥  “Shredded meat looks gross.  It’s lazy and I want someone to put effort into what they’re selling me.  Cubed meat is where it’s at.” – This was said after I told him that the pulled pork sandwich I got from Subway didn’t look very appealing

♥  “I’ve realized that “gluten” actually means “delicious”.” – I’ve been told this many of times, but Cody told me again this weekend because he apparently ate a gluten-free brownie and it was “just…. off”.

♥  “At this point, you’re eating cauliflower.” – Another “health rant” Cody was on while talking about gluten-free, lactose-free pizza.

♥  “Lady parts are complicated.  It’s like a jack-in-the-box.” – When I raised my eyebrows he continued with:  “Think about it.  It’s true.”

♥  “It’s what you girls do.  You talk about periods.” – I was telling Cody about a “private” conversation I was having with my girlfriend, which did have to do with periods.

♥  “That was an excellent anti-bullying movie. It was also a lesson in moderation of everything, including religion.” – Cody’s opinion after watching the Carrie remake.

♥  “I love you more than there are stars in the sky. More than there are days in July. ….. And, more than slices of apple pie. You know how much I love apple pie!” – A poem just for me.

♥  “You can’t just put two words together and it be something. Watch: tomorrow I’m going to make Ostrich Toothpaste.”  – I made the mistake of showing him a recipe for “Tuna Muffins” on Pinterest.  Let it be known that I had no intention of actually making those muffins….

♥  Here’s a conversation between Cody and I one day….

Beanie: Stupid pigeons! I feel like they’re going to fly into me just to get food.
Cody   : Good thing you’re not wearing open-toed shoes.
Beanie: You think they’d mistake my toenail polish for food? (said with terror)
Cody   : No – they would mistake your toes for little sausages and try to eat them.
Beanie: Wow.
Cody   : I think your toes are cute.

♥  Cody used to compare my “sad face” to that of a basset hound.  After explaining why this is insulting, his reply is “Well, you know they are my favorite dog”.  Men.


There is so much more to this man than his sense of humour.  He’s kind, loving, supportive, faithful (to me and to God), talented, intelligent, responsible.  And attractive!  He’s my total package.  Even though he manages to get food on the walls when he cooks, accidentally insults me while trying to compliment me, or still doesn’t know what a dust rag is – I wouldn’t trade him in.


With every drop of love in my body – this one’s for you, Cody.  My love, my life.




(just after posting this, I realized this is my 70th post.  It’s also a matter of days until Cody and I celebrate 7 years together!)

5 thoughts on “For My Husband

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 He’s a great man worthy of so many more posts (but I can’t tell him that cause it goes to his head LOL)

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