Another Diagnosis

Honestly, if I never see another Walk In Clinic/Urgent Care Clinic/Emergency Room, I’ll die a happy woman.  I am so grateful we have these facilities available.  And in Canada, I’m lucky that I can walk into any of these places and been seen by a doctor for free.  I just wish I didn’t have to go to these places!

In 2008, it was confirmed I was diabetic.  For the next few years, things were mellow while I tried to maintain this disease.  In 2012, I got this wicked sinus infection that lasted over a month, but other than that, things were ok.  2013 is when things started to go to shit.  I was diagnosed with PCOS at the beginning of the year.  Months and months of treatment after treatment landed me pregnant almost a year later.  Then I miscarried in December.  Since December I’ve been sick.  A cold, puke-fest 2014, bronchitis with an ear thing, and now this lovely dizziness.  So I guess 2014 is where things start to go to shit. 

I went to the doctor last night.  Waited about an hour and then had a very thorough exam.  I was told I’ve got vertigo which could possibly be the cause of Meniere’s disease, which is an issue in my inner ear.  Oh but wait!  This doesn’t go away… symptoms can be lessened, but you’re likely to continue having episodes, and some of the symptoms could be intensified, up to – and including – hearing loss.  Awesome… another life-long illness.  I’m taking a medication that will help with the vertigo, I’m hoping it starts to work soon!

And now I’m crying.  I’m so freaked out and it’s really for no reason.  I’m doing the stupid Google thing I always do and it brought me back to MS.  I know the likelihood of me having MS is so super small, but there’s always a possibility for anything!  And you know how it goes:  you read the symptoms of anything and you can pull out a few that you have.  I mean – BEANIE!  The doctor did tests and specifically said that she was eliminating a brain-related issue.  She SAID there were likely particles in the inner ear and sometimes that just happens.

I’m overwhelmed and sad today, friends.



6 thoughts on “Another Diagnosis

  1. I’m sorry your having a rough day. If it makes you feel any better there are healing powers in allowing yourself a good cry to let out all the emotion and frustration. Then after a predetermined amount of time, based on what you feel you need, getting cleaned up, taking a couple deep breaths, and doing something nice for yourself. XOXO

    1. Thank you so much! I did feel better after crying for a while with my husband on the phone. As for doing something nice for myself… I think I may need a new nail polish or two!

      Hope you’re well 🙂


  2. MS is scary but if that’s the issue, you have tons of treatment options. My mom has MS and we’ve tried just about everything out there. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it isn’t that. Sending love your way.

    1. Thanks so much. I’m doing better and have faith I’ll be alright, regardless of what’s really going on in my body.

      Hope you’re well!


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