You Spin Me Right Round

I still haven’t seen my Auntie Flo.  During (many) moments of boredom, I’ve taken a pregnancy (or 5) and they’re all negative.  I still have one sitting in the bathroom, unopened, calling to me. 

Beanie…. Beanie!  BEANIE!  There’s still a chance.  It’s CD 40.  When was the last time that happened?  You should test.  Just be 100% sure.”

It’s ridiculous.  Yes, it’s CD 40.  I know, however, that it’s because I haven’t had any medical intervention.  Before, I was on Femara OR injectables and then my ovulation was triggered.  Now, my ovaries are tired from producing too many follicles and they don’t want finish the cycle off.  Or something.  Hello – my name is Beanie and I (apparently) have PCOS and I don’t even really know what that means.  If nothing happens anytime soon, though, we’ll be back at the clinic in time for our 7 year anniversary.  April 1, 2014!

So mostly unrelated to pregnancy and periods – I’ve recently developed something strange.  I am having some serious dizzy spells.  Not when you’d expect though.  I noticed it one night when I was sleeping – I rolled over and everything started to spin.  It continued through the night and into the next day, fading a little as the day went on.  I went to bed that night (last night, actually) and it was happening again.  It was stronger than the night before and more frequent throughout the night.  I’ve noticed I’m a little clumsier and off balance, and my vision is weird too.  I can’t watch fast moving things without getting dizzy.  My “research” leads me to believe it’s an inner ear thing.  It would make sense since I’ve always had a problem with one of my ears and my Dad has ear issues as well.  The problem now is finding a doctor who’s accepting new patients in my town.  This should be fun…

Oh, and Toby’s vet visit!  I haven’t told you guys (I’m going to pretend you care about how the vet visit went… mostly because I don’t have much to write about).  He didn’t like the car ride.  He didn’t mind being weighed and examined.  He howled for his shots – which I’m thankful I didn’t have to see.  And then we were told he was sold to us… with fleas.  So gross!  I’m a bit of a neat freak and I am terrified of all insects and insect-type things, so this has been hard.  I haven’t seen any of the little blood suckers… but just knowing they’re here gives me the creeps.  We’re treating him, our other cat, and our pet rabbit for fleas.  I hope this is over soon!

And that’s my random information update.  Hope everyone is doing well!



9 thoughts on “You Spin Me Right Round

  1. Those pregnancy tests are enough to drive anyone crazy! I hope Toby gets over his fleas. Our dog got them once and it was a pain in the ass to get rid of them (I still believe they were some mutant type that could not be killed). I am sorry you are oging through dizzy spells. It is frustrating when you do not know for sure what is causing them. Take care and I hope that things start getting better xoxoxoxo

    1. Oh, the fleas. I think I saw one jump yesterday. Thank the Heavens they are so small that it barely registered at the time what I was possibly seeing. I don’t know how you did it! Did you only have the one dog? Right now, I’m treating a crew – 2 cats and a rabbit. Thankfully the meds are so easy to give.

      Thanks so much! 🙂

      1. I had 2 dogs (mini schnauzers) and it was awful. We lived in an apartment where the people above us had like 4 dogs which is where I think it came from. We flea bombed the apartment, vacuumed every surface of the house, washed everything the dogs touch in hot water, and took the dogs to the vet for a flea dip. They had always been on Frontline but apparently their mutant fleas were immune. Best of luck 🙂

  2. I can’t keep pregnancy test in the house because I will just test and test and test till i have no test left. LOL. I used to have dizzy spells also and it can be really simple to fix with the right medication 🙂 I hope they get better for you!

    1. Pregnancy tests were creating by someone mean. Sometimes I wish you needed a prescription in order to buy them! LOL

      1. Bahaha but then when you want one you would be so mad that you needed an Rx to get one. esp on the days you just have to poas! : )

  3. I have PCOS and get really dizzy before my cycle starts. Hormones changing, etc. I noticed after I started fertility treatments and then went off them my body never worked the same. I am trying to naturally get it back in rhythm but the whole eating healthy thing is the pits. Lol!!!!! No will power.

    1. I hate eating healthy. I always end up doing it for a few weeks and saying “Oh, this is so good! I don’t know why I didn’t eat better sooner!”. And then lo and behold – KFC calls my name. It’s so much easier to just eat some fast food crap then to whip out potatoes, boil them/bake them, while figuring out the perfect timing for those to be done along with the chicken, and then the last 5 minutes is for finishing the broccoli…. ugh. Too much work LOL

      And that’s my rant.

      1. YOU ARE RIGHT ONE TARGET with the planning on when to start the potatoes…when to start the chicken…when do I turn down the corn…blah, blah, blah! LOL!

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