Ms. (NON) Brightside

Ok, so about that dizziness…  I’m used to getting a little light headed when standing up sometimes.  I always thought it was related to blood pressure or something.  I always hoped it was related to pregnancy.  Anyway, this dizziness is more than that.  I cannot lay down or sit up without being “overtaken” by the spell.  I literally feel like the room is spinning and I go completely off balance.  If I’m in bed, I lay down.  When I’m not having a “spell”, my head feels heavy and swimmy, and I’m tired.

Now, like I said, I’m sure this is an inner ear issue.  However, after freaking myself out, I googled my symptoms and it turns out it could also be MS, a tumour, or a stroke.

I’m a hypochondriac.  I don’t know how to NOT jump to the worst (and most unlikely) scenario.  That being said, I’m going to an urgent care centre tonight.



7 thoughts on “Ms. (NON) Brightside

      1. I did! I’m about to write a post about it, but I was told I have vertigo… So I’m taking meds now and seeing if it goes away. If not by Saturday, then I’m back to the Urgent Care Centre 😐

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