Whine, No Cheese

First, I had a miscarriage.

3 weeks later, I caught a cold.  No biggie… except that it had literally been 2 years since I’d had a cold, so it was a little rough.

I then went on vacation, came home and experienced an unexpected, unprepared for migraine that made me puke my face off for a couple of hours.  That was new.

Now, I have bronchitis (which is apparently just a fancy way to say “chest cold”) with the inability to actually produce phlegm.  And a swollen uvula.  Just so we all know, the uvula is the dangly thing at the back of your throat.  Not a lady part.

Yes.  Woe IS me.

Oh, but wait.  Didn’t Canada just whoop some ass at the Olympics?  Yes.  Yes we did.

Well, that makes me feel a little better.


* Obviously a cold, migraine, and phlegm combined could not compare to the pain of my miscarriage.  But being sick is never fun, I’m getting minimal sleep and I’m whiney.  So why not blog about it?

** I have a lot of Canadian pride.  And a pretty competitive side to my personality….

2 thoughts on “Whine, No Cheese

    1. I get migraines as well, but have never thrown up because of one. It was not my favorite day lol.

      As for now… I went to the doctor who gave me her professional opinion that I am suffering from…. a cold.

      I hope you’re doing well, bella 🙂

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