You’re the Best!

You, friends, are all amazing.

Over the last 11 cycles, I’ve cried, ranted, said means things.  Ranted some more.  And with all of that, you stuck with me and shared my pain.

Even when I was bitching the other day and saying I was pretty much going to unfollow any person lucky enough to conceive – I don’t think a single person left my blog.  You’re truly amazing!  I don’t know any of you in person, yet I tell you all every single important (and often unimportant) detail of my life.  You all know more than my family does, or even my best friend.

So, I want to tell you all one more thing.

I’m pregnant.


(I really can’t believe I am able to write that.  Or take a picture of a positive test.  I am still in shock.)

23 thoughts on “You’re the Best!

    1. Oh my gosh. I feel so bad about that post. Honestly though, it is so hard to read about everyone being successful while you’re waiting. Thanks for sticking with me – I’m hoping you get your BFP next!! xo

  1. wow!!! This has to be the fifth pregnancy announcement I have read in two days!!! It makes me want to pee on a stick just because! LOL! Congratulations 🙂

    1. I am in shock. I’ve looked at my test 64 million times and I still don’t quite believe it. I guess we’re due around the same time!!!! 😀

      Also – imagine how happy your mum is going to be with TWO daughters expecting!

    1. Thank you! I had my third IUI and was on injectable medications. My husband started CoQ10 and a multi-vitamin. This was the last IUI we were going to do for a while… and lookey here! My very first B.F.P!

      1. This is great and very promising, as we are trying an IUI for the first time in January! Maybe I missed this in a post, but what was the CoQ10 for?

      2. CoQ10 was recommended to ny husband so that his sperm count would be a little higher – and it did make a big improvement… he went from about 50 million to about 80 million after only one month of that and the multivitamin. Good luck with your IUI!! I will be crossing my fingers for you 🙂

      3. Whoa! That’s amazing! I’ve already ordered some for my hubby! Thanks for all the happy thoughts and congratulations on the happiest of news for you! What a wonderful way to begin the holiday season!

  2. Wow, I am still in shock! I had to look to see whose blog post this was a couple times just to be sure! I cannot tell you how very truly happy I am for you both! That is simply amazing! I have, unfortunately, unfollowed a few that became preggers but I didn’t really know their stories from beginning to end. I definitely will not be unfollowing you and am super excited to keep reading about your pregnancy!! Congratulations!!!! xoxoxo

    1. I replied to you, and for some reason, WP screwed me over and didn’t post it.

      Anyway, Miss J – I am so happy to know you. Thank you for being so supportive and understanding each and every one of my posts!

      You’re in shock?! I’m in shock lol!

      Thanks again, doll face 🙂 xoxo

  3. Omg!!! I told you!!!!!
    I only thought I was pregnant during the months I wasn’t. Then that fateful month I was pregnant I was soooooo sure I wasn’t! It really is trickery of the mind. Soooooo happy for you!!!!

    1. Thank you so so much!

      I know it’s in my head, but holy lord – I’m so bloated. And tired! Do you remember how long your cramping lasted? I keep getting the period-type cramps and it’s making me paranoid. I go in for my blood pregnancy test tomorrow, and well – like any person who’s struggled with fertility, I’m freaked out that it’s gonna be less than blissful news.

      And the insanity continues…..

      LOL! Thank you again!

      1. Yes it is insane between each appointment. Each time you pray everything is still going great. ;). I cannot remember how long I cramped but I have pretty much been exhausted ever since. I think we are meant to forgot all the bad stuff so we keep having babies. 😉 I am nearly 18 weeks. Getting close to feeling baby move.

    1. Oh, thanks so much! It was a long, frustrating road. And if far from over. But I’m sure you’ll make it through! Eye on the prize, or some cliche statement like that 😉

      Good luck! And I’ll be waiting for an announcement from you!! 🙂

      1. I had a really rough day yesterday. It’s reassuring to know that even with all emotional downs, the ultimate joy is on its way. Good luck. Wishing you an easy pregnancy! You were on your 3rd round of IUI right? We are just starting our first.

      2. Yeah, I did my third IUI with injectable medications (Lupron w/ Bravelle), then I was triggered. My RE does two IUI’s back to back, as well. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

        Things were getting a little rough for my husband and I. We had decided that this was going to be our last IUI for a while. And then this happened! It just goes to show… never give up 🙂 The bad days suck (yesterday was awful for me as well), but ultimately, you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been.

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