People, Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

A lot of people say that their best friend is their significant other. A lot of people don’t believe that can be true. A lot of people don’t think that having your spouse as your best friend is particularly healthy.

Fuck em.

Cody is my best friend. I do have a female best friend who I’ve known since I was 4 years old. I am close with her – we have matching foot tattoos, for crying out loud! – but Cody and I are more. Obviously, right? Well, it goes beyond the fact that we sleep together and have sex. He really is my best friend.

People rarely see one of us without the other. When they do, there’s always someone asking where the other is. Cody and I spend all of our spare time together. Even in the house, we are not usually even in separate rooms. We watch all of the same TV shows and movies, so “quiet time” is even together. We hold hands all of the time, we have stupid nicknames for each other, and we often get in bed and talk for a while before falling asleep. Even as I write this, it’s sickeningly cute and bordering on unhealthy. But we honestly just like each other. We enjoy spending time together, doing whatever.

In fact, if I didn’t know, I wouldn’t believe that we’ve been together for almost 7 years.

Over these 7 years things have been far from perfect. Our fights are loud and huge. I’ve thrown a thing or two and he’s done his fair share of being mean. But when we analyze what the fight was and what the real reason(s) for getting upset were, they are far from relationship-ending problems. One fight (that went on and on for months) was about Cody’s bachelor party. Fights after that have mostly been about family issues. We just don’t have significant problems in our relationship – and it’s great.

Since the day Cody and I met, he’s been trying to sweep me off my feet. I’m chunky, so literally doing it is difficult.

Cody showed up on our second date with a tent in his car. Why? Because I’d mentioned that I enjoyed camping and he wanted to show me that he wanted to eventually go camping with me.

On a date a little after that, I responded to getting together that weekend with “Plan a vacation!”. I was joking, but sure enough, he did it. I travelled to Toronto that weekend (I was living about 20 minutes outside of Toronto). He met me at the train, took me to dinner and he’d rented a hotel room. In the room, I found a bouquet of pink lillies and a (melting) tub of my favorite ice cream. He confessed that he remembered pink lillies were my favorite, but he didn’t know what they were – so he asked a florist. The next day, we went on a tour around the city and then for a picnic. All because I told him I’d never actually been into Toronto.

For our engagement, Cody snuck a suit out of the house. He went for a haircut that day (he hates getting his hair cut almost as much as I do), somehow got dressed into his suit while in our car, came up to our condo and knocked on the door. When I opened the door, he was on one knee with a bouquet of pink lillies and a ring box with the most beautiful ring. He forgot to actually propose, but I cried anyway.

One year we went dog sledding for my birthday. Last year I got a sewing machine for Christmas. He even sat through a Dixie Chicks concert. He does these great, wonderful things just to make me smile.

And now for the latest surprise – I received a book from Cody yesterday. Actually, it was a travel guide. He actually planned a trip without me knowing. We’re going to Iceland in February! Why? Because I’m turning 30 in February. And he wants to make it my best birthday ever.

I count myself lucky every single day. I only hope Cody knows I love him as much as he loves me.


6 thoughts on “People, Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

    1. He truly is. He’s just a good person. I’m definitely thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t dump him when he was getting on my nerves in our second month of dating LOL

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