Another Notch in the IF Belt

I can’t type right now.  My 7 pound terrorist cat will not stop climbing into my lap.  The only problem?  I’m trying to type on a LAPtop.  Gosh – I hate her but she’s so dang pudgey and fluffy.

Think of me for the next little while, please?  I had Part B of IUI #3 today.  I know this cycle is going to work, but some well wishes, good thoughts, prayers, vibes – all of them will go a long, long way.  

Some new developments in Cody and Beanie Trying to Make A Baby:

  • I told the doctor that this is the last IUI for a while.  If it does not work, then I’ll be on a break.  With that, I’m so not stressing.  I know what’s going to happen and I’m just finally relaxed!  
  • Cody and I decided that if this cycle doesn’t work (even though it’s totally going to work), we’ll be “breaking”, as I mentioned above.  I’ll go back to taking Femara and having timed intercourse, but we’ll also start the process of trying to adopt.  Well, we’ll be attending seminars and all that jazz.  
  • Cody started CoQ10 this month, along with a multi-vitamin and folic acid.  The results:  Woah.  Here’s a look….  IUI #1 – Part A:  14 million; Part B:  36 million.  IUI#2 – Part A:  11 million; Part B:  ??can’t remember??  IUI#3 – Part A:  40 million; Part B:  40 million
  • I was on medication for a few LESS days than last time.  Nice for me.  Nice for the bank account.
  • I only ate fast food once this week!  And it was SUBWAY.  What!? 
  • I took my injectables at night, ON TIME, this time.  It was so much better.  No mood swings, no other real side effects except a mild headache when I woke up some mornings.
  • My results were more favorable this month as well.  My follicles grew as they wanted them to.  I will be releasing 6 or 7 GOOD eggs, all of similar sizes.  My estrogen is climbing as it should.
  • Yesterday, I was able to come home from my IUI and lay down for an hour and a half.  There is no proof that it will help a single thing, but mentally, it did wonders.
  • Every single person in the office is excited for me.  They all tell me that the numbers are good.  They all tell me that they have a “good feeling”.  They are all just so excited for me.
  • It rained today.  Rain is always the sign we get from God that things are going to be A-OK.  It rained when we moved in together for the first time… it rained the day we got engaged (in FEBRUARY!)… it rained on our wedding day… it rained on the day we decided to sign papers and buy a house.

Tonight – maybe tomorrow – I will be starting the dreaded progesterone.  My pregnancy test will be on December 6th!

The only thing that made me have a mild freak out:  I was having an amazing day yesterday.  IUI went well, I got to nap before work, and I figured out the best Christmas gift for Cody.  However, I went to work and this crazy person who kind works with me, but not really, came over and decided to be a complete cow.  She doesn’t like me.  She won’t ever like me.  And when she started accusing me of fucking up, and then was talking about me like I wasn’t there, I lost my mind.  I politely told her that it’s wasn’t my fault (it really wasn’t) and then went about ignoring her.  Still though, she somehow was able to get me so upset that I was on the verge of tears a few times during the day.  I cried (ok, bawled) to Cody when he got home and confessed that I’m worried that the stress and anxiety of the incident will somehow cause the cycle to fail.  After a good hug and reassurances, I let it go.  I was also able to walk into work today and ignore that wench!  And didn’t stress out!  I will reply when she speaks to me… but I will not be initiating any conversations, let me tell ya!

How pathetic is this though?

B:  She was so mean to me!  I didn’t even make those tags!  And Lisa let me take all the heat!

C:  Peep, she’s nobody.  This is all she has in life.  She probably dropped out of high school and worked her way up from cashier and is miserable cause she’s been with the company for 25 years.  She’s power tripping.

B:  But I’m trying to have a babbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (whaling and crying even harder)


I manage to make myself cringe.

Anyway, I know this is all over the place.  I’ve been up for too many hours with not enough sleep and a long day at work.  I just hope that you guys will send a lot of positivity our way!

Thinking of you all, 



6 thoughts on “Another Notch in the IF Belt

  1. Sounds like this cycle will be a good one 🙂 Saying lots of prayers for you. Don’t worry about the stress you had either….Remember John 14:1 says, (Jesus speaking) “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me.” Praying for ya girl! I can’t wait to hear the good news.

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