Love Birds (how cliché)

Who wouldn’t want to walk out of work, look at their cell phone, and have a message like this waiting for them?

From Cody:

“Date night tonight!  I have it all planned but please be ready for 6.  I planned a super-surprise.  Arguably my best surprise ever.”

I have no idea what we’re doing, where we’re going, what to wear, etc.  But I’m excited!

Have a good weekend, buddies!



4 thoughts on “Love Birds (how cliché)

  1. I am so excited for you!!! Make sure you post about it later! Anytime a guy takes control and does all the planning is enough to be happy about! 🙂 Have fun!!!!

    1. So true! I am lucky that Cody often plans the dates since I’m so lazy. ‘I’m more inclined to suggest a pizza and a movie lol. BUT – I’m taking a page out of Cody’s book and I’ve got a surprise planned for HIM! (His Christmas present lol)

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