A Compromise

Picture this:  It’s 5:40AM.  I’m fast asleep in bed, finally settled for a little bit after being up throughout the night.  Cody gives my hip a little tap and says “Good morning.  It’s ready.”

It’s not what you think.  But it is how it started.

I rub some sleep out of my eyes and stagger over to the en suite bathroom (thank God it’s on my side of the bed).  I plop down on the (closed) toilet and lift the corner of my shirt.  A little swab of alcohol and before you know it:  there’s a needle in my stomach.

That early in the morning, I’m a baby.  I literally whimper “Owwww” and frown (with my eyes closed – I’m not waking up fully at that hour).  Today, the needle hurt going in (it is usually painless and unnoticeable).  Then the meds started to flow in and, like I mentioned before, they burn.  So there were a few pathetic “Owwww” whimpers this morning.  Cody pulled the needle out and then swabbed the injection site again.  I was up and back in bed in about a total of 2 minutes.

As I laid in bed, Cody cleaned up the torture chamber.  He came to the bed and covered me up again and bent to kiss me goodbye.  I turned my head and the conversation went something like this:

B:  “I don’t like you.”

C:  “I know you don’t like me.  I love you, though.”

B:  “No you don’t.  You just like stabbing me in the stomach.”

C:  “No!  I hate doing that to you.”

B:  “Whatever.”

C:  “Tell you what.  You can hold the baby first.”


I love him so much.


2 thoughts on “A Compromise

    1. Oh, thank you so much, S. Those are some of the kindest words. You have no idea how much I needed to re-read that comment today 🙂 xo

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